GOP Rep. Promises ''resident Johnson':President Johnson': Jake Tapper Calls Out Tim Scott Over Hypocrisy On Ukraine

CNN’s Jake Tapper called out Republican South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott over his hypocrisy regarding Ukraine after its military was forced to withdraw from Avdiivka after running short of direly needed ammunition. On top of that, Republicans took a two-week vacation without addressing the situation, and that rightly pissed off President Joe Biden. To hear Scott explain it, though, this is Biden’s fault.

But I don’t understand how you can criticize President Biden for dragging his feet when it comes to helping Ukraine when Donald Trump is out there saying that we shouldn’t, the United States shouldn’t be giving any money to Ukraine,” Tapper said. “And he set out alarm bells throughout NATO countries when he talked about Russia doing whatever the hell it wants to do to countries that don’t pay enough.”

“Let’s talk about what Russia is doing right now because the key city of Adygea fell to Russian forces yesterday in a major setback for Ukraine,” he continued. “President Zelensky blamed the loss on the artificial deficit of arms and ammunition because of Western inaction. He pleaded for Congress to act.”

“You said after Hamas attacked Israel, you said President Biden had blood on his hands because he hadn’t confronted Iran more aggressively, and Iran supports Hamas,” the CNN host said. “If the U.S. fails to support Ukraine right now in the fight against Russia, will Congress have blood on its hands?”

“Well, we’ve already supported Ukraine for over a hundred billion dollars,” Scott said. “And when I said that Joe Biden dragged his feet getting into this conflict at the beginning, I meant that.”

“Look at the fact that we followed Germany,” the South Carolina Republican continued. “We followed Germany to help NATO, to help Ukraine, not a NATO ally, but to help Ukraine. That is a really important first step that set us back by months.”

“What we’ve been doing since then is playing catch up,” he said. “That’s one of the reasons why Congress has appropriated over a hundred billion dollars. Even (former) President Donald Trump has said a loan to Ukraine would actually provide more resources.”

“The bottom line is this: Joe Biden’s failure on the global stage is undeniable and can be measured in the loss of lives,” he insisted while his colleagues were on vacation. “It can be measured in the instability in the Indo-Pacific. It can be measured in the October 7th attack. It can be measured in Iran’s actual aggression and their acceleration towards a nuclear weapon. It can be measured in the JCPOA and the failure of that deal when he was vice president.”

It seems that Scott never answered the question about his stunning hypocrisy. What a shocker.

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