GOP's Salazar Ridiculed After Claiming Credit For Projects She Voted Against

So many bills, how’s a politician supposed to remember how she voted on each and every one, right? Salazar isn’t the first Republican to take credit for things she voted against and she won’t be the last. As long as voters let them get away with this garbage they’ll keep doing it.

Also, props to Jim Defede for his persistence in dealing with this ridiculous politician.

Source: The Hill

Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar (R-Fla.) said Sunday she could not recall how she voted on two key pieces of legislation that she has since touted as victories that she brought home for her district.

In an interview on CBS News Miami, Salazar dodged repeatedly when asked about her votes against certain legislation, including the CHIPS and Science Act and the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2023.

Throughout the interview, Salazar said she did not remember how she voted, said she needed to consult her staff, and tried to redirect the conversation to focus on other bills she introduced.

The ensuing dialogue was like something out of a Saturday Night Live skit, only funnier. Things got so weird that Salazar laughed at herself, probably realizing how foolish she sounded.

ANCHOR: “The money that you talk about — the $40 million that you bring back to the district — sometimes that money comes from bills that you voted against. You voted against the CHIPS Act and yet you praise the fact that the south Florida climate resilience tech hub is going to be started in Miami, right? You voted against the infrastructure bill and you talk about all the money that comes back to the airport.”

“So, at the same time that you’re taking credit for the money that you bring back to the district in Washington, you’re voting against these projects on party line votes.”

SALAZAR: “Listen I, that was, I think, last cycle, I cannot really remember right now, but just look, just look at the Americas Act—”

ANCHOR: “You don’t want to explain why you voted against [these bills]?”

SALAZAR: “I mean right now, and I’m not trying to be a politician, there’s so many bills that I’ve introduced and I know that many of them—”

ANCHOR: (interjecting) “These are bills that you voted against.”

SALAZAR: (flustered, trying to change the subject) “I understand and, but, the, it’s OK. Sometimes I vote, and sometimes I don’t, but let’s look at the positive.”

ANCHOR: (not having it) “Last month you were at FIU, and you presented a check for $650,000 to help small businesses at FIU, but you voted against the bill that gave the money that you then signed a check for and handed and had a photo op, the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2023, right? You voted against that bill.”

SALAZAR: “Right now, you have to give me more details, but I do know that every time I have an opportunity to bring money to my constituents, I do so.”

ANCHOR: “But you voted against, you voted against the CHIPS and Science Act, right?”

SALAZAR: (getting silly now) “Listen, right now I need to, I need to ask my staff. The $40 million that I have brought to this community. Aren’t you proud of me? Aren’t you proud of the $40 million that I brought? Aren’t you proud that I wrote the Dignity Act, haven’t I … let’s talk about the Americas Act.”

Yes, let’s talk about some words on paper that haven’t even been voted on rather than your hypocritical actions, taking credit where none is deserved. Anything to deflect, right?

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