Graffiti Gran Still On The Loose After Defacing Thatcher Statue

CCTV footage captured the older lady spray-painting the expletive on the base of the statue of Margaret Thatcher. March 6 marked the fortieth anniversary of the UK Miner’s Strike which was a reaction to pit closures and mass layoffs.

Source: The London Economic

Police in Grantham, Lincolnshire have appealed for a pensioner to come forward and turn herself in, after she was caught spray-painting an expletive onto the statue of Margaret Thatcher in the town centre.

Grantham is the birthplace of Margaret Thatcher, and in May 2022, officials unveiled a statue of the ‘Iron Lady’ here. It was then pelted with eggs just hours after being introduced to the public, leading to increased security measures being implemented.

However, nothing was able to stop this OAP with a grudge. In bright-red paint, the word ‘b*****d’ was sprayed onto the monument. It was scrubbed off shortly after it was first reported, but pictures have surfaced of the graffiti online.

It’s believed that the statue itself cost something in the region of £300,000. In the middle of a cost of living crisis, that leaves a somewhat sour taste. It ended up in Grantham after plans to erect it in Parliament Square in London were rejected.

Thatcher’s divisive legacy as Prime Minister makes her statue an instant target for vandals. But this peed-off pensioner – wearing a white scarf and a black jacket – certainly doesn’t fit your standard description of a hoodlum.

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