Grassley: F*ck Families And Their Stupid Child Tax Credit

I meant every word of that headline. Every word. Republicans go into their districts and take credit for what Democrats do while doing literally NOTHING — ZERO — to make things better for the people they represent. They are the most heinous, power-hungry, billionaire-bound, craven assholes that ever walked the earth, and Chuck Grassley is a prime specimen.

In case you hadn’t heard, there is a bipartisan tax bill which has been crafted by members of the House and Senate in both parties. Part of the bill was to expand the child tax credit. It wouldn’t have been expanded as much as it was before, and it wouldn’t have been paid out in monthly installments, but it would have still been a huge benefit to families struggling to make ends meet and lift their kids out of poverty. It also gave a break to the billionaires, which was the concession made to get some extra funds in the hands of families needing it most.

Well, 900-year old (sorry, 90-year old) Chuck Grassley waltzed on the scene today to tell families they can go f*ck themselves.

Grassley told a reporter on Wednesday, “Passing a tax bill that makes the president look good — mailing out checks before the election — means he could be re-elected, and then we won’t extend the 2017 tax cuts.” This is where I remind everyone that NO CHECKS WERE GOING TO BE PASSED OUT, UNLIKE THE LOBBYIST CHECKS HE ROLLS IN EVERY EFFING DAY. In fact, the bill specifically prohibits changing the tax system to get those credits into the hands of families with children sooner than after they filed their taxes.

Grassley went on to say that as far as he’s concerned, the bill is dead in the Senate until the House passes something. AW, TOO BAD, CHUCKLES. The House went and passed that bill with the expanded child tax credit Wednesday. And just to twist the knife more, there were more Democrats than Republicans who voted to pass it. 188 Democrats and 169 Republicans voted for it, with 23 Democrats and 47 Republicans opposed. That’s about as bipartisan as it gets, Chuckles, and it’s gonna pass the Senate, too.

Like the immigration bill, also negotiated in a bipartisan fashion, Chuck Grassley is perfectly willing to kill this tax legislation to serve his god Trump, and all I can say is that voters had better make it clear they’re not interested in Republican stupid games. Tax legislation does not need 60 to pass, Chuck Grassley is in the MINORITY in the Senate, Democrats have the majority, and even Joe Effing Manchin isn’t dumping on this bill.

And Democrats, take a lesson. The headline above is your template for this election. Substitute immigration, women, voting rights, tax bills, defense bills, all of it. They aren’t going to do anything because they think doing nothing works in their favor. For the love of all that’s holy, prove them wrong.

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