Grim Reaper Of Penal System Finally Comes For George Santos

Finally, George Santos has run into trouble he can’t lie, steal or cheat his way out of. The House Ethics Committee unanimously–yes, both Democrats and Republicans, but the latter for self-preservation reasons–voted to refer numerous charges against him to the Justice Department.

It’s easy to laugh at him–and of course we do!–as he spent doltish GOP donor money on OnlyFans and Botox. But there’s a more general moral (a word he knows not) to the story: Republicans were cool with him when they needed his vote to elect McCarthy Speaker on like the147th try. They knew all of this, Santos was indicted in Brazil, had many charges here and lied about everything from his college to his name.

There was no mystery as to whether he was a sleazy con man or not, just a mystery as to whether they could get ole Kev elected Speaker without him. So they kept this ethical scourge around, ignoring all the people he hurt by conning, robbing and more. But now they’ll pretend they’re outraged (!) by him.

That’s because he’ll go to prison, and they need him gone from their caucus pronto, so his stink doesn’t rub off on the rest of the criminally corrupt GOP. Because the truth is they’re him, and he’s them. Most of them are just a bit smarter about hiding it than he is.

Cliff Schecter has a great video breaking it all down. Watch it and SUBSCRIBE to Cliff’s YouTube channel for more commentary like this!

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