Guess Who Fox Wants On List Of Worst Presidents Instead Of Trump?

The hosts of Fox & Friends Weekend are still obviously very upset with that list of United States presidents ranked by historians that had Trump coming in dead last.

They started things off by playing a clip of Trump at another one of his cult gatherings this weekend, attacking Biden over the border, which, of course, they loved. Here’s Trump’s bile which ended with some “I know you are but what am I” claptrap.

TRUMP: Among my if very first actions upon taking office will be quite simply to seal the border and stop the invasion of our country. […]

Two days ago i was with governor Greg Abbott at the Texas border. He’s doing a really good job, to witness the total devastation that crooked Joe Biden and his stupid policy of open borders, who would do this? Who would do this? No country would do this. […]

Let there be no doubt, this is Joe Biden’s invasion. This is the Joe Biden’s destruction of our country. If you take the ten worst presidents in history and add ’em up and put ’em together, nobody has done the destruction to our country as this incompetent president that we have right now.

Which was followed by a long discussion by cohosts Will Cain, Rachel Campos-Duffy and Pete Hegseth on who they want to see on the list of worst presidents instead.

HEGSETH: That’s the case.

CAIN: What’d he say? Take the ten worst and add them up?

HEGSETH: Add the ten worst and doesn’t even come close to Joe.

CAMPOS-DUFFY: You could have ten Jimmy Carters are not as bad as–

CAIN: I don’t think Jimmy makes it. I did do this on the Will Cain Show.

CAMPOS-DUFFY: Oh, who are the ten worst?

HEGSETH: Jimmy doesn’t make the ten worst?

CAIN: He doesn’t make the top five.

HEGSETH: The top five worst?

CAIN: Yeah. Jimmy doesn’t make the top five worst.


CAIN: You have to give credit to those who intentionally destroyed the idea and the vision of America. They might have done so very competently. So, I’ll just give you the top —

HEGSETH: It’s not an incompetence list. It’s a –

CAIN: In part! You know, Obama made the top five.

CAMPOS-DUFFY: Oh, I like that list.

CAIN: Well, two is — I’ll tell you who one and two is. One is Woodrow Wilson.

CAMPOS-DUFFY: 100 percent.

CAIN: But two, people get mad when I say two because he’s got this like place in people’s minds –




CAIN: (inaudible) It’s FDR. I’m telling you, one of the worst presidents in American history.

CAMPOS-DUFFY: Totally, but with the best PR machine.

CAIN: Yeah.

HEGSETH: Are you going to finish the list now?

CAMPOS-DUFFY: Same with Obama.

HEGSETH: You going to finish the list?

CAMPOS-DUFFY: At least give us the top five.

CAIN: Uhhhhh. That was two. Three, LBJ. Uhhh four –

CAMPOS-DUFFY: I agree with that too. I like the list.

CAIN: Four, oh, you gotta go back to — I think Buchanan. Not Buchanan, right before the Civil War, guys that doesn’t do anything to keep us out —

HEGSETH: And then Obama?

CAMPOS-DUFFY: I don’t have of a lot of beefs with Buchanan. But Obama – (crosstalk)

CAIN: Biden will make it, by the way. I think if this continues, I’m not trying to be partisan. I think objectively, I’ve already said that Obama, Biden is, I did say Biden is the worst president in my lifetime previously, but then i put Obama above of him.

But, Obama had eight years of run. If you give Biden time, this will be — I do think president Trump is onto something there. Like, if he continues, the level of incompetence combined with ideological destruction —

CAMPOS-DUFFY: Well, if you’re also just talking about big mistakes, George Bush should be up there because, the Iraq war. Was he on your list?

CAIN: He was discussed.

CAMPOS-DUFFY: Because you’re from Texas —

CAIN: It’s just hard —

CAMPOS-DUFFY: Just saying.

CAIN: Yeah, Patriot Act.

CAMPOS-DUFFY: Yeah, totally. 100 percent.

I’m not sure what Obama did to “intentionally destroy the idea and the vision of America” but I’m going to take a wild guess and say that daring to be president while Black might have had something to do with it in the Fox hosts’ minds. I’m surprised they even mentioned Bush, but not shocked since Trump likes to attack him.

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