Habba's Slip: Trump 'Doesn't Do What's Right'

Trump attorney Alina Habba tried to explain why people are skeptical of the twice impeached one-term clown during a Newsmax interview. It’s interesting that if you put these people on TV for long enough, sometimes the truth inadvertently gets out.

Habba said the quiet part out loud, and it’s a doozy, admitting that Trump doesn’t do what’s right before backpedaling.

“Elected officials have to do what’s popular and sometimes not what’s right uh… and that’s a problem. That’s I think why people get nervous with Trump he doesn’t do what’s popular or what’s right,” she said.

Then she tried to do a taksie backsie, but there are no takesie backsies allowed.

“He uh… or what I’m sure it’s that I should say he only does what’s right,” she added. “He doesn’t do what’s popular and you’ve got somebody like Kemp trying to make a name for himself, and he frankly has. He’s made headlines because he’s going against the leading candidate for the Republican party, and frankly the leading presidential candidate period.”

Last weekend, Habba said that her client does not need to be prepped for trial because he is “incredibly intelligent,” unlike the “average person.” That kind of undercuts Team Trump’s claims that they need to delay the trial date because there is so much evidence to go through.

Are we sure she’s working for him?

Add this to things that never happened:

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