Hannity Wants Border Campaign Appearances Limited To Trump

On Tuesday night, Sean Hannity used his Fox News platform to spew the normal MAGA election talking points: The world is coming to an end and only a rich, fraudster scumbag can save it. When Donald Trump demanded the Republican Party blow up the bipartisan border security deal earlier this month in order to be able to run on there being no border security deal, he left the job of squaring that circle to sycophants like Hannity.  

President Joe Biden and Trump have planned appearances at the border Thursday. During the fabricated border crisis panic segment of Hannity’s show, he attacked the news that Biden plans on visiting the border this Thursday, calling it “a cynical political stunt by the president. And frankly, it is beyond disgraceful.” 

Without taking a breath, Hannity added, “And we will be at the border with President Trump on Thursday. His policies actually worked.” He must be talking about Trump’s idea for alligator moats, right?

Hannity’s double standard for border wall appearances is a special kind of cognitive dissonance. His general premise is that Biden is visiting the border as a publicity stunt that is “disgraceful” because Biden hasn’t done anything about it. 

Remember when Biden, Senate Democrats, and Republicans released a bipartisan border security and Ukraine funding bill that the Republican House speaker declared would be “dead on arrival?” Maybe Hannity’s forgotten that. I wonder if he might recall all of the many times Republican officials have set up cameras at or near the southern border of the United States in order to score political points while doing nothing except fundraising for themselves.

There was the time Rep. Jim Jordan took his House Judiciary Committee out to the entry port of San Luis by a dam along the Colorado River for a “field hearing.”  

And Republican Gov. Greg Abbott and his “Operation Lone Star” stunt forced thousands of soldiers to the southern border and cost so much money to … do a ton of nothing.

Remember how former Republican Gov. Doug Ducey of Arizona stunted at the border by stacking shipping containers as a makeshift wall? That useless bit of spectacle cost more than $100 million to clean up.

But yes, Biden is “beyond disgraceful.”

Republished with permission from Daily Kos.

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