Hiro Clark Opens First L.A. Store and Launches Womenswear

Nearing a decade in business, Hiro Clark founder Andy Salzer has finally found a place to hang his T-shirts.

The leisure wear brand opened its first store at 677 North Berendo Street in Los Angeles on Thursday, conveniently located next to its offices and distribution center. “This is Hiro Clark HQ in every sense of the word,” Salzer said.   

The Art Deco-era building, formerly a bus depot, features concrete floors, solid wood beams and exposed wood ceilings that extend 40 feet high. “It was already a very interesting space that we didn’t want to touch too much,” he explained.

Salzer did affix a basketball hoop to the exterior for an interactive component, which he believes fans of his ultrasoft cotton jersey separates have been missing. 

Hiro Clark was established as a men’s digital-first brand, “but the store lets people experience it in a way digital can’t. You can try the items on, touch them and get into the story,” Salzer said, referring to the grittier side of Angeleno style he markets to customers. “Clicking and liking only gets you so close.” 

While the brand is currently distributed through wholesale collaborators like Equinox and Ace Hotels, the store will offer exclusive collections, including a curation of one-off vintage T-shirts overdyed to “feel and look like your favorite band merch from 20 years ago. You have to come visit to get your hands on them,” Salzer said. 

Hiro Clark's First Campaign for Women.

Hiro Clark’s First Campaign for Women.

Courtesy of Hiro Clark

Also on offer is Hiro Clark’s first line for women, comprising Ts and sweats re-proportioned to fit a smaller frame. Salzer got the idea after seeing girls steal his pieces from their boyfriends. Each comes in black, white, gray or midnight blue, some with “Los Angeles” written upside-down across the chest as an homage to his favorite city.

But Salzer isn’t tied to the West Coast. Asked what’s next on the agenda, he said:  “New York has my heart always, so don’t be surprised if another store starts up on the other coast in 2024.”

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