House Republican Readies Discharge Petition To Thwart Speaker Johnson

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. In this case, Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA), co-chair of the Congressional Ukraine Caucus, has to get around the impediment known as Mike Johnson in order to secure much-needed military aid for Ukraine. Johnson has chosen not to schedule a vote because Trump told him not to (and Putin told Trump, probably).

The House version would provide $66 billion in military aid to Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan, of which $47.7 billion would go to Ukraine. A portion of that would include much-needed improved air defense systems, the kind that saves civilian lives, such as this woman and her three-month-old baby in Odesa.

Source: NY1

Pennsylvania Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick, a House Republican lawmaker in favor of Ukraine aid, told reporters on Thursday he was preparing an effort to circumvent House Speaker Mike Johnson and force a vote on aid to Ukraine.

The Senate earlier this month passed a $95 billion bill to provide funding to Ukraine, as well as Israel and Taiwan, but the measure has stalled in the Republican-led House amid opposition from Johnson and the GOP.

The procedural motion, known as a discharge petition, allows a vote on any legislation, regardless of the input of House leadership, if it gets 218 signatures, representing a majority of the chamber. After New York Rep. Tom Suozzi was sworn in on Wednesday night, Democrats have 213 members in the House, meaning Fitzpatrick would need the support of four of his fellow Republicans to put it over the top.

Discharge petitions take time to execute, delaying the process of getting aid to Ukraine even further, but the possibility of such a move could force the hand of House leadership.

“We have to get something done,” Fitzpatrick, who co-chairs the bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus and the Congressional Ukraine Caucus, told reporters on Thursday.

And because of “good” God-fearing Christians like Mike Johnson (who really just works for evil people like Trump and Putin) actual good people die.

And this is spot on.

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