How Does Democracy Survive With Media's 'Both Sides' Extremism?

Can our democracy survive when one-third of our population’s been fully MAGA-tized and another 10-15% can be propagandized into thinking both sides are equally awful? So many cases vote for Trump, or nobody, because they think Biden’s no better?

Bob Cesca and Cliff Schecter discuss – with details — about how our right-wing media indoctrinates while mainstream media reinforces that everyone’s the problem with their “both sides” stances. Will our “1st Amendment extremism” ironically lead to our demise?

Other democracies: Germany, France, Canada, U.K., etc. have varying laws, but they all try to combat disinformation that’s gone airborne the past decade. They have laws that punish the non-stop slander of public officials, curtail or ban hate speech (in Germany, for example, displaying Nazi symbols will get you arrested) and conspiracies that incite violence or lead people to make decisions that harm themselves.

In the U.S., we even allow generalized threats to be made with zero repercussion.

It misinforms, intimidates and actually stifles speech and assembly, leading much of our population to have no idea what is real. Can democracy really function like this?

And, of course, because it’s Cliff & Bob, they also fit as many jokes in as they can, for much-needed laughter during discussion of these very serious topics. Check out the video and subscribe to Cliff Schecter’s Youtube channel for more videos like this!

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