Hybrid agency aims to redefine web3, music, and AI

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I Am Hip Hop TV is a startup focusing on robust digital media distribution.

The company enhances brand visibility by circulating engaging content across all major social media channels. It incites meaningful user interaction that drives awareness and sales conversions.

The key to their success is their expert use of advanced analytics to refine their strategy for optimum reach and engagement continuously.

They’re a one-stop shop for brands of all sizes looking to execute their marketing and advertising at scale, and this is where I Am Hip Hop TV shines.

They collaborate with major players such as Empire, Create Music Group, and Sony Orchard, which underscores the expertise they bring to the table.

They have an agency partnership with TikTok and sister agencies, extending them a follower base of over 3 billion, enabling maximal awareness across different niche markets, most notably web3 and music.

I Am Hip Hop TV is experienced in innovative growth marketing strategies with AI-driven analytics, programmatic ad platforms, social media tools, and multimedia marketing software, successfully bridging the gap between AI, music, brands, and celebrity influencers.

The platform drove ASS mainstream at MTV Awards, increasing trading volume by $51 million in 24 hours.

IAmHipHopTV is a hybrid web3, AI, and music agency

The agency has collaborated with influential giants like TikTok and sister partners, which has given them access to a vast network reach.

This enables them to connect directly with broader KPIs to drive actionable results, lower their costs, increase awareness, and increase sales conversions.

Jerren Harrison, the CEO and founder leads the team with his expertise in growth marketing. His responsibilities encompass strategic vision creation and decision-making tasks, which are supported by his knowledge of executive marketing.

This combination has increased revenue streams for clients through innovative monetization strategies that have proven effective over the last 11 years.

The team has generated over $100 million in revenue for their clients.

Plans for more expansion

The company is making significant progress in the web3 and AI space by expanding its horizon further.

It is leading several performance marketing campaigns for diverse industries and building upon its unique edge over typical music distribution companies.

Although intense competition exists in the growing web3, music, and AI, few companies can match the experience, assets, networks, and resources owned by this company.

Financial advisors predict an annual gross profit increase of between $6 million and $11 million in 2024 with an unbeatable ROI.

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