I Want To Be Captain America!

Sunday was National Dog Day. Coincidentally, August is also Clear the Shelters month, aimed at promoting adoption as an alternative to buying a dog at a breeder or a puppy mill. So naturally, and making for good public relations, Jinx brand dog food sent Chris Evans, aka Captain America, whom they contracted to be their face, to an animal shelter in New York City. It was a chance for them to both promote doggy adoption and their product. Whatever. The important thing is DOGS! Also, showing that he is a man of fine taste, Evans was drawn to Humphrey, the Treeing Walker Coonhound.

All I could think of throughout the video was, “Where do I get a gig like that?” I mean, come on! Who wouldn’t want to get paid big bucks for cuddling with dogs? And I would be willing to punching a few Nazis a go, while I’m at it.

PS: Pro tip for Mr. Evans – next time you have the good luck to meet a coonhound like Humphrey, this is the proper way to treat them:

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