InQubeta presale garners attention, Flare’s hype crashing

The InQubeta presale is ongoing, and investors are hurrying to secure their positions early in the crowdfunding stage. The InQubeta project aims to make investment opportunities in artificial intelligence (AI) startups more accessible for everyday people by harnessing the power of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and smart contracts on Ethereum.

Several cryptocurrency projects are struggling. Flare, which aims to enhance the practicality of blockchains by allowing developers to access external data sources and other blockchains, is one of them. The Flare platform, which generated considerable excitement earlier this year, is under pressure, and its native token’s price, FLR, is falling.

InQubeta presale hype continues

InQubeta can be a solution for investors who want to secure equity in AI firms but don’t meet the stringent requirements of traditional investment firms or want an alternative. InQubeta’s native token, QUBE, makes investing in AI firms easier than buying NFTs.

The AI industry has gained considerable attention from investors due to its potential to reshape various aspects of the world. Investments in companies involved in AI development have witnessed substantial growth, exceeding $100 billion since 2015. An additional $1.5 trillion is projected to be invested in this sector by 2030. Among the recipients of these investments are companies like Nvidia and InQubeta, which play significant roles in advancing AI technology.

The transformative potential of AI is widely acknowledged, and it is expected to have a profound impact on nearly every industry. As a result, investors can capitalize on the prospects offered by this technology and generate substantial profits as the world transitions toward an AI-powered future.

Historically, investments in technological breakthroughs have yielded high returns due to their profound influence on societies and the industries that serve them. 

Notable examples include companies like Amazon, Netflix, and Facebook, which have created numerous millionaires and billionaires during the Internet revolution. For instance, an investment of $25,000 in Netflix shares in 2002 would be valued at over $12.5 million today. Investors who choose the right AI startups can anticipate similar investment returns.

The InQubeta process

AI startups have the opportunity to secure funding through the InQubeta network, subject to an evaluation process conducted by the InQubeta operations team.

Once approved, these companies can create equity-based non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the blockchain and list them on the marketplace. Interested investors can acquire these tokens using QUBE.

Upon completion of the token sales, investors gain complete ownership of the tokens, which they can choose to hold onto for an extended period or sell for potential profits at their discretion. Some tokens offered by startups on the InQubeta network may also provide additional benefits, such as early access to the products developed by these startups.

The token economics of the InQubeta project aims to incentivize token holders. The maximum token supply is set at 1.5 billion, and a burn tax mechanism is implemented to reduce the token supply over time. This reduction in supply increases the demand for QUBE tokens. Additionally, the project rewards investors who stake their tokens by periodically distributing rewards to them.

Investors continue to dump FLR

Flare is a layer one blockchain that supports decentralized applications (dapps) by offering highly decentralized data. Its services enable developers to build complex dapps and smart contracts and extract data from connected blockchains or feeds, improving the performance of blockchain systems. 

However, investors have been slowly selling their holdings, resulting in declining prices. Events such as the InQubeta presale have also contributed to the loss of hype that Flare enjoyed earlier in the year.


The InQubeta presale has generated significant interest since its inception, and this momentum has yet to diminish. InQubeta offers investors an opportunity to invest in the AI sector, providing the potential for substantial profits as the industry receives over $1.4 trillion in investments over the next several years.

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