Investor shift: NuggetRush gains as XRP and Celestia slide

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XRP has fallen sharply as the next stage of its court case begins. Celestia (TIA) has also declined despite a recent partnership with Ancient 8. So far, the NuggetRush presale has raised over $2.5 million.

NuggetRush presale raises over $2.5 million

NuggetRush is a blockchain-based merger of artisanal mining and quality NFT rewards. It features a multiplayer experience where you reach deep into the earth, searching for natural resource deposits to mine and exploit.

Gaming on NuggetRush is made easier with the availability of skilled NFT workers. Your mining operations would move smoothly with the efforts of workers from the game’s marketplace. These workers specialize in mining and entrepreneurship, helping you turn your resource-digging activities into a viable business.

NuggetRush offers different kinds of NFT gaming rewards. Gamers receive NFT assets whose rarity makes them valuable. When collecting assets, players must ensure their mining workforce has a high market value. 

In round five of the presale, NUGX is trading for $0.018. Presently, over 200 million NUGX have been sold, helping the project raise over $2.4 million.

NUGX will list for $0.020.

SEC prepares to appeal

As the SEC/Ripple legal battles continue, XRP remains volatile.

Sentiment around the court case has affected investor attitudes towards XRP, causing its slow growth. Now, there is growing anxiety that the SEC will appeal a favorable ruling granted to XRP on July 13. 

The fears could worsen XRP’s market performance in February.

XRP traded at $0.6301 on Jan. 1. It fell by 4.4% to $0.6021 on Jan. 11.

XRP’s decline worsened, dropping its price by 14.5% to $0.5145 on Feb. 8 before a 5.4% recovery to $0.5451 on Feb. 24.

On July 13, 2023, Judge Analisa Torres ruled that programmatic sales of XRP tokens were not considered breaches of federal securities law.

Many community members celebrated the ruling as it seemed to give XRP a way out of its legal quagmire. 

If the SEC appeals the ruling and wins, XRP could fall by 11.1% to $0.4843.

Celestia partners with Ancient8

On Feb. 22, 2024, Ancient8 announced the live launch of its mainnet.

Leveraging Celestia’s technology, Ancient8 would help developers build scalable and cheap blockchain games.

The announcement follows Celestia’s plan to boost its services in the gaming sector.

TIA traded at $16.55 on Jan. 16. It jumped by 21.8% to an all-time high (ATH) of $20.17 on Feb. 8.

The token fell by 7.4% to $18.66 on Feb. 13 before another 12.2% decline to $16.37 on Feb. 23.

Celestia could recover due to excitement around a collaboration with Conduit.

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