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Investors chose DeeStream over Bitcoin Cash and Algorand

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There is always an investment going on in the crypto industry. Investors and even coin holders always try to bet on the next golden fleece. 

2024 is a particularly active year for investments, and several projects look good. 

Trends show that one project, DeeStream (DST), may outperform altcoins like Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Algorand (ALGO). 

Here’s how each coin is faring and why DeeStream can rally in 2024.

Bitcoin Cash 

Bitcoin Cash aims to address transaction speed limitations in Bitcoin. 

Currently, BCH is trading at around $262.50, up from $240.


Algorand is a blockchain network that supports and sustains diverse types of applications. 

In June 2019, Algorand debuted with an initial coin offering where ALGO traded at $2.4. 

While Algorand is firm, it is trailing other altcoins like DeeStream.

DeeStream overtakes Bitcoin Cash and Algorand

Experts are bullish on DeeStream and its native token, DST, whose presale is ongoing. 

So far, supporters claim DST can flip BCH and ALGO in 2024, citing the following:

  • All transactions on the blockchain are secure, immutable, and transparent. 
  • DST is trading for $0.04 in the current presale 
  • DeeStream’s growth potential.

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