Is JD Vance A Closet Nazi Or Just A Coward?

While working to undermine efforts to garner support for Ukraine against the horrific invasion by Russia at Munich’s Security Conference, Nazi sympathizer (or maybe closet Nazi) Senator JD Vance refused to meet with President Zelensky.

Reporter Andrew Desiderio talked to the Trump-loving maybe closet Nazi, who said he didn’t meet with the President of Ukraine because “he didn’t think he would learn anything new.”

What a piece of shit. How does he know he wouldn’t learn anything new unless Vance met with the person he’s trying to fck over?

Fox News contributor Marc Thiessen weighed in immediately.

Jewish leaders have criticized the Ohio Senator for echoing antisemitic tropes. Vance has long defended and even embraced antisemitism. The fact that he refused to meet with the Jewish president of Ukraine just reinforces his Nazi outlook. He might have wrapped it in a populist book and pretended he gives a damn about people, but he’s as Nazi as any of them in the 1940s were. It’s worth reading Rachel Maddow’s book Prequel to dispel any illusion that a United States Senator could not be a closet Nazi.

Vance couldn’t face looking Zelensky in the eye because he’d have to listen to how his support for Russia is helping to murder thousands of Ukrainian lives. And because Zelensky represents those whom he hates most.

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