It's A Cult: Kid At Trump Rally Wants 'Fani And Nikki In Jail'

I’m old enough to remember when Republicans accused former President Barack Obama of trying to indoctrinate children. Of course, they accused him of that without evidence.

A kid at twice-impeached four times indicted former President Donald Trump’s rally told Marjorie Taylor Greene’s boyfriend, Brian Glenn, that District Attorney Fani Willis and Trump’s rival Nikki Haley should be imprisoned, even though his orange god is the only one facing charges.

“Let’s put Fani and Nikki in jail,” the kid said.

Trump supporters have now moved on from wanting to jail Hillary Clinton to wanting to lock up Fani Willis and Niki Haley. And this is coming from a kid.

This looks like the same child:

The internet weighed in:

What they said:

I feel sorry for that kid. What a shitty memory he’ll have of his childhood. He should be out doing childhood-y things. History will not be kind to these people. It’s a cult.

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