Jack Smith Proposes Lightning Fast Timeline For Trump's Jan 6 Trial

The Special Counsel has proposed a rather aggressive timeline for Donald Trump’s DC trial related to his efforts to subvert the 2020 election. It appears they are playing 3-D chess, and Judge Cannon and Donald Trump are stuck playing Go Fish. They clearly anticipated Judge Cannon would allow delays in scheduling Trump’s Mar-A-Lago trial in Florida, so their backup was to schedule the DC trial BEFORE. And with a friendly judge, a more desirable jury pool and a freed up schedule for the defendant, there is little reason to delay.

Here is the court order outlining what the DOJ is proposing.

Main dates:

Prosecutors expect to produce almost all of the evidence in the case to Trump by Aug. 28th. It includes, grand jury material, interview materials, search warrant materials and unredacted materials from the Jan 6th committee.

Other notable dates:

December 11, 2023: Begin jury selection
January 2, 2024: Trial starts

Prior to December 11, a whole flurry of motions occur. Standard in a trial.

The DOJ expects the trial to last 4 to 6 weeks total. It is expected that the judge will set the trial date at the next hearing – August 28th.


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