James Carville Is Right: Let TrumpWorld Bankrupt The RNC

It must be a Leap Year, because James Carville is making sense.

JEN PSAKI: Trump is present former, you know, that guy, four times indicted guy, is trying to install his daughter-in-law as the co-chair of the RNC. I’m not suggesting this is a winning campaign message, but I just need you to put into perspective for everybody how crazy that is.

JAMES CARVILLE: Suppose that Biden appointed his granddaughter to be head of the DNC and instructed her to funnel all of the money to Hunter Biden’s defense fund. These people want to be stolen from. That’s the long and short of it.

The people that give Trump money, or the RNC money, are begging to be stolen from, and Trump is going to accommodate them. They’re very blunt and very upfront about what they’re doing.

So if people want to give Trump money, then go ahead and give it to him. But I know there are a lot of Republicans, they’re friends of mine from my days in Washington, who think that Trump is siphoning off all of the money from the congressional candidates, the Senate candidates, the gubernatorial candidates, and you know something, they’re right.

Please put Laura Trump over there. Please steal every dollar you can get.

Every one of these Republican state parties, Michigan, Arizona, all over the country, all falling apart, fighting with each other, underfunded. We have the advantage, Jen. Press. Press, press, press. Now. That’s my message.

PSAKI: There’s literally no one running the Michigan Republican Party right now, we should just note, because it’s so messed up. And he is giving away that money.

We’ve mentioned a few times and in a few places that Lord Damp Nut wants to install members of the Trump Crime Family to positions within the Republican Establishment (and you don’t get much more establishment than the RNC) to grift every nickel bag, er, nickel in sight.

TFG might be a demented sex fiend, but he knows that Junior Mints is an addled loser, Nepo Wafers is staying in Florida spending the money the Saudis paid for Jared , and as for Twizzler, well, that sad boy is still staring at his fingers wondering how come he cannot count to 10 every time. And so all that’s left for this assignment is world-famous chanteuse, Mme. Twizzler, who is singing like a canary for all the world to hear that she is planning a smash-and-grab for the old man.

More please.

Republished with permission from Mock Paper Scissors.

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