Jeep Wagoneer S: 600bhp electric SUV's interior revealed

Jeep has revealed the interior of its upcoming Wagoneer S – a 600bhp premium SUV that will lead the American brand’s electric future.

Built predominantly for US buyers, the five-metre-long Wagoneer S, which could be considered an electrified rival to the Range Rover Sport, will arrive in 2025.

In the newly released images, the Wagoneer is shown to have at least four digital screens: a digital dial display behind the steering wheel, a large central infotainment touchscreen, a smaller touchscreen below that for controlling features such as the climate control and another large touchscreen for the front passenger.

The Wagoneer S also features several buttons on the steering wheel, plus what appear to be haptic feedback ‘buttons’ on the centre of the dashboard.

Jeep says a panoramic sunroof is also standard, plus ambient lighting, while a 19-speaker audio system will be available as an option. 

Set to launch first in its home country of the US in 2024, the Wagoneer S will also be sold in limited in both left- and right-hand-drive European markets. That means we will see it at some point in the UK.

It will arrive with a range of around 373 miles and will top a new seven-car line-up for Jeep in the UK, including the already on-sale Jeep Avenger and 2025-bound Jeep Recon.

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