Jesse Watters Continues Personal Attacks On Trump Jurors

Despite warnings from Judge Juan Merchan that the media should not be revealing too many details which could identify the jurors in the Trump trial in Manhattan, Fox’s Jesse Watters spent another evening railing about them in the obvious hope that they’ll either be identified or intimidated.

I watched at least one pundit on MSNBC say the judge could have shut this sort of thing down ahead of time by not making their information available to the media at all. I’m not sure why he didn’t anticipate thugs like Jesse Watters pulling the crap he has where we’ve already seen one juror back out after she had friends and family figure out she was probably on the jury, and Watters attacking her on the air, saying “This nurse scares me if I’m Trump.”

Watters was back at it again this Thursday, doing his best to see if he can help more of the jurors end up being identified, or to intimidate them from serving. He also apparently doesn’t believe anyone who either reads the New York Times or watches CNN can be impartial towards Trump.

I assume he’s never read their op-ed section, which is loaded with right wingers, and their so-called straight news reporters are a ton of both-siderist access “journalists.” That, or he does read the NYTs and knows full well what their coverage is like, but he wants to pretend to his audience that the publication is packed with nothing but liberals, knowing full well it’s not.

Same for CNN. Either he doesn’t watch them, or is knowingly lying about the fact that CNN is far from some bastion of liberalism as well.

Here’s Watters’ latest screed in service of Dear Leader, sneering at the people they selected in the second round.

WATTERS: Today’s jury selection was just as bad as Tuesday. One prospective juror said she wouldn’t believe Trump even if his tongue were notarized. She also called him racist and sexist on social media. Another one said her son worked in D .C. and when asked for who, she said Hakeem Jeffries, the top House Democrat.

One woman said she marched at the Women’s March, is a CNN viewer, and used to work for the U .S. Attorney’s Office. And all three of these people told the court they’d be unbiased. This is some jury pool. Now let’s round out the rest.

In the seat of juror number two, an investment banker from New York. Oh, and also he happens to follow Michael Cohen on Twitter –the prosecution star witness, and also gets his news from the New York Times.

Another juror, a security engineer born in California without a college degree. He’s married with three kids and likes to work with his hands. Woodworking, metalworking, not bad.

Juror number eight, a retired wealth manager with two kids says he knows about Trump and he’s more interested in fly fishing and yoga. Could be good. Juror number nine, a single woman, no kids, who gets her news from CNN and the New York Times. Says she has opinions about Trump but can put them aside. I think you know what that means.

Juror number 10, guy from Ohio. He works at a big company, college educated, not married, no kids, but lives with another adult, who’s an accountant. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. He also loves animals. Does he love caged animals? We’ll find out.

Juror number 11, a woman without a husband and kids who doesn’t like Trump’s persona. Says Trump’s very selfish and self -serving and he’s not my cup of tea, quote unquote. Flat-out says she doesn’t like him, but claims she’ll be fair They probably ran out of strikes.

Final juror a female physical therapist with a doctorate who reads the New York Times, USA Today, and you guessed it, CNN The alternates definitely a problem for Trump, but we’re not even gonna get into her.

That’s your jury ladies and gentlemen. Seven men, five women, some teachers, lawyers, therapists, a lot of single women, mostly CNN viewers, and who can forget the young lady who gets her news from Tik-Tok, and loves to dance.

Expect this sort of tactic to get worse and not better as the trial goes on unless the judge finds a way to shut it down.

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