Jim Jordan Goes Off The Rails With Merrick Garland At Hearing

Attorney General Merrick Garland sat in front of the House Judiciary Committee in their quest to take down the president’s son, Hunter Biden, in hopes that some of the mud they’re slinging sticks to Joe Biden.

Rep. Jim Jordan tried a bizarre approach, hammering Garland today, asking, “Who decided that David Weiss would stay on as U.S. attorney?” Former President Donald Trump appointed Weiss a U.S. Attorney in 2018 and began investigating Hunter Biden in 2019, and I think Jordan should know that.

: Special counsel Jack Smith garnered hundreds of hours of grand jury testimony given by Republican witnesses. I’m sure they will object to that, too. These aren’t normal people. Because they sure do seem mad at a lot of Republicans while trying to take down a Democratic President.

“Let me ask one last question real quick here,” Jordan said. “Who decided that David Weiss would stay on as U.S. attorney?”

“This occurred before I came,” Garland explained. “Mr. Weiss had been kept on. I promised the…”

“No, I didn’t say — you can walk all through that,” Jordan said. “I said, who decided? The White House decided. Mr. Weiss — They serve at the pleasure of the president, right?”

“Mr. Weiss was…” Garland said before being interrupted again by Jim Jordan.

“Joe Biden decided to keep David Weiss as U.S. attorney,” Jordan insisted. “You weren’t sworn in until March. He was — he was — he was — he was — he was told he was going to stay on.”

“And then in February — Your time has expired,” Jim said. “Pretty fundamental question. Who decided David Weiss was going to stay as U.S. attorney in Delaware?”

Jordan was then told his time had expired twice.

“I’m waiting for an answer, and then I’ll — and I’ll yield to you,” Jordan shot back, even though he didn’t give Garland a chance to answer the question.

“Mr. Weiss was the special U.S. attorney from the District of Delaware when I came on,” Garland told Jordan. “He had been appointed by President Trump. I promised that he would be permitted to stay on for this investigation, and that is what happened.”

This is a fishing expedition with a lot of projection added in. It was Trump who weaponized the Department of Justice, not Biden. Just because Trump did it doesn’t mean that Biden did — or would. He started the hearing with a lie anyway. That’s not good form, Jim.

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