Joe Rogan and Post Malone criticize US CBDC

The entertainment industry is diving into the Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) debate, with Joe Rogan and rapper Post Malone expressing their concerns.

On the “Joe Rogan Experience” podcast, which boasts over 11 million listeners per episode, the two discussed CBDCs.

Rogan described the idea as a “game over” for Americans, hinting at the potential for abuse of power and surveillance.

He even speculated about a future where CBDCs could tie into social credit scores, enhancing government oversight. Post Malone shared these apprehensions, emphasizing the possibility of governments controlling individual finances.

The wider conversation on CBDCs is growing.

While crypto enthusiasts advocate for decentralized currency systems to preserve financial autonomy, politicians are joining the debate.

Florida Governor and Republican nominee Ron DeSantis pledged to ban CBDCs if elected. At the same time, Democratic candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. suggested backing the US currency with assets like Bitcoin, viewing CBDCs as potential control mechanisms.

The discussion intensifies as prominent sector figures voice their opinions on government-issued digital currencies.

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