Jon Stewart Demolishes Tucker's Love Letter To Russia

Jon Stewart has a history with Tucker Carlson going back twenty years to his appearance on Carlson’s old CNN show Crossfire. That should have effectively have ended Carlson’s media career but it didn’t, with MSNBC and then Fox News all giving him a platform to spew his dangerous nonsense.

In the 2024 edition of Tucker Carlson, he’s still peddling his brand of bullshit, but now he’s doing it whoring himself out for brutal and ruthless dictators, as if that’s any sort of world to emulate. Jon Stewart doesn’t think so and neither should you.

Source: New York Times

Stewart took notes about Carlson referring to himself as a journalist (“Lie about what your job is,” Stewart said as he scribbled) and saying his duty was to “inform people” (“Lie about what your duty is.”)

“I have much to learn — ‘Disguise your deception and capitulation to power as noble and moral and based in freedom.’ Yes, master.” — JON STEWART

Carlson’s coverage of Russia included a trip to a grocery store, where he said the low price of food would “radicalize” viewers against American leaders.

“And it will radicalize you unless you understand basic economics. See, $104 for groceries sounds like a great bargain unless you realize Russians earn less than $200 a week. But that’s the kind of context that a — what did you call yourself earlier? — a journalist would have provided. But here’s the reality, you [expletive] know all this, because you aren’t as dumb as your face would have us believe. Perhaps if your handlers had allowed, you would have seen there was a hidden fee to your cheap groceries and orderly streets. Ask Aleksei Navalny or any of his supporters.” — JON STEWART

“Because the difference between our urinal-caked, chaotic subways and your candelabra-ed beautiful subways is the literal price of freedom. But the goal that Carlson and his ilk are pushing is that there is really no difference between our systems. In fact, theirs might be a little bit better. The question is: Why, why is Tucker doing this? Here’s why: It’s because the old civilizational battle was communism versus capitalism. That is what drove the world since World War II. Russia was the enemy then. But now, they think the battle is woke versus unwoke, and in that fight, Putin is an ally to the right. He’s their friend. Unfortunately, he is also a brutal and ruthless dictator. So now they have to make Americans a little more comfortable with that. I mean, liberty is nice, but have you seen Russia’s shopping carts?” — JON STEWART

And a longer clip here from The Daily Show.

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