Josh Hawley Rants Like QAnon Conspiracy Theorist While Defending Trump

Fox’s Laura Ingraham brought on Hawley earlier this week to talk about the latest Trump indictments, and he ended up spending more time ranting about every wingnut conspiracy theory out there instead.. It’s pretty pathetic when someone pushes so many conspiracy theories in one segment they sound more like a member of QAnon than what we deserve to expect from a sitting member of the United States Senate.

Hawley went on about everything from lies about arrests of anti-abortion activists, to these hate-filled Astruturf groups taking over school board meetings and pretending they’ve been unfairly targeted somehow, to antisemitic crap about the “globalists” in the Democratic party that supposedly hate the working class… and on, and on, and on. The amount of pure projection here was pretty astounding as well.

What an embarrassment this clown is to the state of Missouri.

INGRAHAM: Senator, this sets us on a precipice for, I think, a very, very dangerous period in our society and our electoral processes. At this point, the Fulton County DA indicated that they will seek higher bonds against any of these defendants who are convicted and of course, processing would include mug shots. What does that tell you here?

HAWLEY: Well, what this tells me, this is latest effort to keep the ruling party in power, Laura. That’s what this is about. This is indictment like what, number 200? I mean, who knows. There may be more indictments to come.

But what’s clear about this is, this is an effort by the ruling party, the Democratic party, across states and the federal government to make sure anybody who criticizes them gets indicted and it is not just Trump, although they’re focused on Trump.

It’s also Catholics who have had their parishes infiltrated. It’s also pro-life demonstrators who’ve had SWAT teams sent to their doors. It’s also those who have protested peacefully and had the FBI show up and knock at their door. It’s parents who’ve gone to school board meetings and now been labeled domestic terrorists by the Biden administration.

I never thought we would see any of this in American history. We have seen it all of it in the last couple of years, and the common thread is, if you challenge them, if you challenge the ruling party, ruling elites, they will use the force of law against you.

And yeah, this is crossing the Rubicon Laura, and we’ve got to beat this back. We’ve got to defeat this attempt to rig an election in real time. Because that’s what they’re trying to do. They’re making sure there is only one outcome to the election in 2024 and it’s the Democrat winning.

INGRAHAM: Well, I don’t think they’d have a problem with a different type of Republican, like a Mitt Romney style Republican, right? Because he maybe wouldn’t rattle the cage like someone like a Trump, DeSantis, or even Glenn Youngkin would down the road, or Vivek Ramaswamy, someone like that.

But, this is message to anyone who would even think of working for a conservative administration going forward. Don’t you agree? Like, if you can get indicted as a lawyer, giving an untested legal theory to a president or urging an action which hasn’t been taken before post-election, but is a theory that a number of people agree with, some don’t, then all bets are off. Why would you go into government service?

HAWLEY: Absolutely. This is a message. They’re trying to send a message loud and clear, and the message is, don’t mess with us. And why are they going after Trump? Because he messed with them. He challenged them across the board. He challenged their pro-war policy. He challenged them on Ukraine. He’s challenged their globalist agenda that’s ripped off our working class for years, hollowed out the industrial base of this country and made workers in this country slaves compared to China and other nations that have taken away our jobs, taken away our technology.

Trump challenged all of that. And the message is, if you challenge them on this stuff, if you challenge them on these policies they hold dear, they will come after you. If you challenge them on their pro-abortion religion, they will come after you.

So I think the message is real clear, don’t challenge us. Don’t go to work for anybody who will challenge us. Don’t vote for Donald Trump or anybody like him, or we’ll treat you as a domestic terrorist.

And I tell you what Laura, this is recipe for one-party rule in this country, and if that’s the case, this isn’t the United States of America anymore, our constitutional democracy doesn’t exist anymore.

Of course he’s got the part about who was trying to steal an election exactly backwards. And in alternate universe world, Trump has done nothing wrong and is just being persecuted by evil Democrats.

And here’s a reminder that Fox might be hosting another potential unindicted co-conspirator.

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