'Judge Box-O-Wine' Pirro Gaslights Viewers About Trump Indictments

Jeanine Pirro told a whopper of a lie on Fox News to defend Trump after Democrats roasted him during Tuesday’s House Judiciary Committee hearing with former Special Counsel Robert Hur. She claimed Diminished Don hasn’t been charged with obstruction. No, really.

“To a person the Democrats spent the whole day saying ‘Donald Trump obstructed,” Pirro mocked. “Newsflash, Donald Trump was not charged with obstruction.”

Wow. Just wow. Trump was indicted on several counts over the Mar-A-Lago secret documents case including obstructing justice. Everyone that follows the news understands that except I guess many Fox “news” viewers.

So is Jeanine Pirro drunk, stupid, or just a rotten gaslighter who will lie to her audience about everything? Maybe all three.

Donald Trump’s appointed U.S. attorney could not prove President Biden committed any crimes with documents so Fox News will prosecute the president on his behalf. If you can’t actually bring charges, then it’s time to smear Biden with lies on Fox “news”.

The only thing Pirro has is her supposed knowledge about the legal system. When she discusses a hearing focusing on the MAGA cult’s star witness trying to smear President Biden’s mental capabilities, one would figure she might have at least taken a little time to review the case.

Not so.

Apparently she was too busy making sure she had enough wine in a box from BevMo! to prepare.

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