'Just Not Good Enough!' Bannon Rages At Comer Over Hunter Biden

Shadow Speaker of the House Steve Bannon went after James Comer for refusing to question Hunter Biden in public, reminding him that Hunter’s lawyer thinks the Republicans are “a bunch of wimps.”

So, just for the record, they’re not a bunch of wimps. They’ve got a problem and that problem is that there really isn’t anything for them to question Hunter about that will pay off in the form of impeachable material against Joe Biden. There just isn’t. And so it’s much better for Jim Comer and his gang of goons to take a deposition in private and then twist and leak things to make it look like they’ve got something. He does it over and over again.

But Shadow Speaker Bannon has other ideas, because he’s convinced they can make something out of nothing (because he does it all the time on his podcast), so he decided to give Comer a talking-to.

“You need to get a sense of urgency and quite frankly, you just got to get tougher,” he groused. “Hunter Biden’s calling the bluff.”

Damn right he is, Steve, because there’s nothing there. That’s what’s so ridiculous about all of this.

“They don’t fear you. They don’t fear you guys. They think you’re a bunch of wimps. They’re calling — these people play for keeps. These people play smash mouth,” he continued. “That’s why their way kind of rules and ours doesn’t. We’re not going to take a look the impeachment now. They called you out they got you got Hunter Biden saying and Abbe Lowell.”

After acknowledging that Abbe Lowell is a “tough hombre” Bannon gave Comer more of what’s left of his mind.

“Hey, if you’re going to go after a guy go after him,” he urged. “Let’s roll. We got the goods we can impeach Biden. Let’s go. Let’s start with Hunter.”

“Let’s put him on national tv for a week Let’s just go do it. It’s calling your bluff.”

“You gotta man up there. You got to get tougher,” Bannon scolded. “It’s not just not good enough. I hate to say it’s just not good enough.”

I hate to tell Bannon this, but here’s the thing: It’s not good enough because they’re trying to make a case out of nothing. They can’t do it now, they’ll not be able to do it in private depositions, and they’re not going to do it later.

Bannon was the one cheerleading for the Benghazi hearings for Hillary. He had the timing all planned out for maximum damage and the plan for how to smear her with it. In the end, it wasn’t Benghazi that did her in; it was the stupid email server that did it. Well, that and the major media outlets who ran with it in order to avoid Trump’s failings. All Bannon wants is to make Trump’s impeachments meaningless, and this is how he’s going about it.

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