Justin Sun holds $1.6b on HTX, exceeds half of exchange’s reserves

Tron founder Justin Sun showcased his personal HTX account today, revealing holdings amounting to approximately $1.6 billion, equivalent to 28,613 BTC. 

There were several recent allegations on social media that the HTX advisor did not actively use the platform himself. However, Sun clarified these speculations on X, also saying that he actively uses all leading exchanges.

Sun’s screenshot has also driven conversations about HTX’s reserves.  As of Feb. 1, HTX’s publicly disclosed reserve certificates showed that the exchange holds nearly $3.5 billion in reserve assets, which includes 540 million USDT, 21,543 BTC, 109,000 ETH, and 9.4 billion TRX. This would mean Sun’s assets cover over half of HTX’s reserves.  

HTX Reserves | Source: HTX

Sun’s net worth could also be among the top ten wealthiest leaders in the crypto industry. This development sheds light on the broader conversation about transparency and trust in the cryptocurrency sector, where high-profile individuals like Sun play a pivotal role in shaping perceptions and confidence among investors and users. 

Last week, crypto.news reported that Sun potentially bought $160m in Ethereum, which could signal a bullish trend for the second-largest crypto. ETH has rallied since yesterday, reaching $3,200 for the first time in two years, meaning Sun’s latest acquisition is also 11% higher based on the latest price. 

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