Kari Lake Snaps At 'Crazy' CNN Reporter Over Jan. 6 Question

Failed Republican candidate Kari Lake accused CNN correspondent Melanie Zanona of asking “crazy” questions about the insurrection on Jan. 6, 2021.

During a recent interview, Zanona wondered how Lake would have handled Jan. 6 if she had been Donald Trump’s vice president.

If you had been vice president, would you have certified the 2020 election results?” Zanona asked.

“These are crazy — this is like a hypothetical going forward and a hypothetical going backward,” Lake complained. “What I will entertain is talking about how do we go forward?”

“Do you still believe that your election [for governor of Arizona] was stolen?” the CNN reporter pressed.

“We had major problems in our election, and we’re really working to resolve those problems,” Lake responded. “What I’m concerned about going forward in the next election is that my radical opponent, Ruben Gallego, wants to give 9 to 12 million people who poured in illegally, invaded our country, the ability to vote. He wants them all to vote. That’s wrong.”

Zanona wondered if Lake had been advised not to discuss the 2020 presidential election.

“No,” Lake stated. “The 2020 election, I think it was a rigged election. “President Trump — I believe it was.”

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