Kate Middleton’s Sheer Dress Takes Center Stage in Season Six of ‘The Crown’

First-look images from Season Six, part two of “The Crown” have been revealed, including one of Meg Bellamy, who plays University-era Kate Middleton, walking a runway in a sheer tube dress.

The costume is a recreation of a look Middleton wore when she modeled in a college fashion show for charity.

Middleton’s fellow student Charlotte Todd designed the dress from a delicate netted fabric, revealing a simple pair of black underwear underneath. The future Princess of Wales wore her hair in tight spiral curls with strips of fabric braided through sections.

In 2001, Prince William and Middleton met while they were students at the University of St. Andrews. In 2002, Middleton participated in the fashion show for charity, and the look is allegedly what caught Prince William’s eye and sparked his pursuit of his future wife.

That year, Prince William and Middleton would become roommates with two other coed students. By 2003, the pair were a couple, and were on-again-off-again until Prince William proposed to Middleton in 2010.

Middleton’s sheer charity fashion show dress only cost 30 pounds to make but went on to fetch 80,000 pounds at auction in 2011.

Part one of Season Six of “The Crown” debuted on Netflix on Nov. 16, following the last days of Princess Diana and her untimely death in a tragic car accident. The second part of Season Six, which is the long-running series’ final season, is set to premiere on Dec. 14. This story arc will follow Queen Elizabeth II as she ponders the future of the monarchy and will explore the early days of the romance between Prince William and Kate Middleton.

In 2011, Prince William and Middleton wed, with Queen Elizabeth II bestowing the titles of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge upon them. The two would retain these titles until Prince William’s father, Prince Charles, ascended to England’s throne after his mother died. With Charles as king, William and Middleton became William, Prince of Wales, and Catherine, Princess of Wales, respectively.

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