Kelexo soars amid crypto market surge in 2024

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As BTC and ETH hit new highs, KLXO presale shines, promising a new approach in P2P lending amidst a buoyant crypto market.

As Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) continue their upward trajectory, the cryptocurrency market is witnessing an unprecedented surge, setting new highs in 2024.

Bitcoin has climbed above $66,000, showcasing a remarkable increase in its monthly price of 55.73%. Despite facing rejection and retracement after reaching $64,000, Bitcoin has surged forward, maintaining bullish sentiment above the 78.60% Fibonacci retracement level.

Similarly, Ethereum has surpassed $3.5K amid market surges, experiencing significant growth of 54.47% in its monthly price. This Ethereum surge coincides with positive regulatory developments, particularly in South Africa, contrasting with Nigeria’s stricter regulations.

Bitcoin climbs above $66,000

Bitcoin’s monthly price has surged significantly, ranging between $43,090 and $66,790, marking an impressive 55.73% increase.

Despite reaching a high of $64,000 on February 28th, BTC faced rejection and subsequent retraction. However, Bitcoin recently surged forward, surpassing $66,000 levels.

Notably, BTC remains above the 78.60% Fibonacci retracement level, indicating bullish sentiment in the market.

Observing the hourly chart, Bitcoin is seen trading within a Bullish Pennant Pattern, suggesting potential indecision post-surge.

The 4-hour chart provides a clearer view of the recent uptrend followed by consolidation, indicating a period of uncertainty.

This consolidation phase offers potential entry points for traders, with the crucial question remaining: Will Bitcoin breach the $69,000 mark to establish a new high, or will it undergo a retracement?

Ethereum surpasses $3.5K amid market surge

The monthly price of Ethereum has demonstrated significant growth, ranging between $2,305 and $3,555, marking a notable increase of 54.47%.

Presently, ETH is trading above the $3.5K mark, showcasing its strength in the market. This Ethereum price surge coincides with a substantial increase in market activity, with Ethereum ETH experiencing a 49.51% uptick in trading volume.

The positive momentum in Ethereum market performance follows recent news regarding the South African government’s decision to ease measures on cryptocurrency, contrasting with Nigeria’s more stringent approach.

The uptick in Ethereum price and market activity can be attributed to favorable regulatory developments. Unlike Nigeria’s restrictive measures, South Africa’s decision to ease regulations has spurred optimism among investors.

Kelexo is on the rise

Securing a loan through traditional channels has long been plagued by numerous challenges for consumers, from high fees and bureaucratic hurdles to strict compliance requirements imposed by banks.

These obstacles are particularly daunting for individuals with poor credit histories or those facing lender-specific terms and conditions.

KLXO aims to address the challenges inherent in traditional lending by offering more accessible alternatives. Currently, in Stage One of its presale, Kelexo tokens are priced at $0.033.

With its presale underway, KLXO offers investors an early stake in a platform designed to simplify and democratize the lending process against a backdrop of limited token supply and a commitment to enhancing platform functionality and user engagement.

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