Kellyanne 'Personally Offended' VP Harris Visited An Abortion Clinic

Former Trump White House counselor Kellyanne Conway said on Fox News that she was “personally offended” by Vice President Kamala Harris visiting a Planned Parenthood clinic on Thursday. This is the first time that a vice president has toured a facility that performs abortions. It was a good move on Harris’s part after Republicans are attempting to strip women of their bodily autonomy.

“The last point, I am personally offended, and everybody should be, that Kamala Harris flew to Minnesota on Air Force Two on taxpayer dollars to go to an abortion clinic when her boss, the President of the United States, wouldn’t even dare say the word abortion in his State of the Union over an hour,” Conway said. “He wouldn’t say it.”

They call it reproductive freedom, women’s health care,” she continued. “Do they care about women’s health care? What about maternal mortality? What about heart disease?”

“What about all the things that are cancer?” she said, as if Democrats can’t care about more than one thing at a time. “All the things that are top of the list that are really, truly women’s health.”

“She went to an abortion clinic today,” she said. “As the abortions are, and on taxpayer dollars, and they’re calling it, Sean, last point, they’re calling it, she made history.”

“No other vice president has ever visited an abortion clinic,” she added. “There’s a reason for that, lady. It’s a stupid idea.”

It’s actually a great idea. Republicans have been champing at the bit to go after contraceptives after Roe was overturned. We know it’s about control. Kellyanne knows Republicans are sending a bad message as her party is in need of the coveted woman voting bloc. Even Tomi Lahren said yesterday that “If Republicans have a hardline abortion stance and they talk about a national abortion ban,” then their party “will lose.” Fox News’s Sean Hannity “agreed 100 percent.”

So, shut up, Kellyanne, you stupid cow.

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