Kenneth Chesebro: Man Of Brilliance

After Kenneth Chesebro and Jim Troupis settled the lawsuit against them in Wisconsin, they released some 14,000 pages of emails, texts and other documents related to their role in the fake elector scheme and January 6th. Legal analyst Lisa Rubin took on the Herculean task of reading through them. Her work was not in vain:

“Despite his being present at the Capitol on 1/6 and acknowledging he ‘caught a wiff [sic]’ of the tear gas in the Capitol, Chesebro still thought Trump could make it all blow over by inviting the Bidens over for coffee on inauguration morning,” wrote Rubin.

“I think the President can put this behind him if he invites Biden and Harris over for coffee on inauguration morning, and attends the (virtual) inauguration,” Chesebro writes. “He could lighten it up with a couple of well-placed jokes. Like he wants to make sure Joe feels comfortable calling him for advice in the challenging days ahead. Or we invited Joe over for coffee bc he wants to be sure Joe invites him four years from now.”

Now, I need my coffee as much as anyone, but even I know that a Kaffeklatch is not a cure-all. Not even if was Irish Coffee. And is Trump even capable of telling a funny joke? or is only capable of telling offensive ones?

Rubin also came up with another gem where Chesebro belatedly realized that the whole insurrection was an epic fiasco. But before anyone starts to think that there might be hope for him, Rubin points out that he puts the blame squarely on former Vice President Mike Pence and Pence’s “deceitful conduct that led to this chaos.'”

I wonder if Chesebro’s business cards have the words “Supra Genius” anywhere on them. It sure seems like he should.

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