Kevin McCarthy: 'It's Hard To Pass Anything In This Place'

Kevin McCarthy tells us how hard it is to pass anything in the House, and we’ve noticed that, too. The government is headed toward a shutdown, and a dysfunctional group of dimwitted amateurs are all we have to save us from defaulting on our debts. Have no fear; Kevin is here!

“It’s hard to pass anything in this place,” McCarthy said. “We started out on a five-seat majority.”

“I have one member who’s now resigned,” he continued. “We’ve got a couple members who are out as well. Anything we do is pretty tough in life.”

“But you know what?” he said. “This country is too great and too big to give up.”

“And I’m never going to give up on the country,” he added.

A laugh track needs to be edited into that clip. That was the most depressing thing I’ve read since I reviewed Donald Trump’s Truth Social posts yesterday. I might have to start on anti-depressants.

Can’t he ask Nancy Pelosi how to be an effective Speaker instead of some milquetoast mealy-mouthed newbie? The Freedom Caucus needs to be neutered, but Kevin would have to grow up first. After all, Freedom Caucus member Lauren Boebert is useless except for headlines when she dives into her boyfriend’s crotch at the theater.

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