Kevin McCarthy Says The U.S. Never Gained Territory Through Wars

Republicans recently ditched the terminally stupid McCarthy as House Speaker because he couldn’t navigate in the MAGA-infested waters, replacing him with a relatively unknown Theocrat in Mike Johnson who advocates on behalf of the primacy of God’s will over the mundane world of politics.

And they somehow expect things to get better.

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Kevin McCarthy, who rarely passes on an opportunity to display what an idiot he is, posted to Twitter yesterday a video of himself speaking to an audience and forcefully asserting that “In every single war that America has fought, we have never asked for land afterward.”

Yes, that would be the same Kevin McCarthy whose own district, the California 20th, was ceded to the United States – along with the rest of California, Utah, Nevada, and large chunks of Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico – by Mexico in 1848 at the conclusion of the Mexican-American War. And of course that is only the most obvious of contradictions to McCarthy’s rediculous and historically ignorant assertion, the U.S. also acquired territories from Britain after the Revolutionary and 1812 wars, from Spain after the Spanish American conflict and, well, Native Americans would also like a word with the former Speaker…

What a clown.

McCarthy’s tweet might have the longest list of those blue box corrections I’ve ever seen on Twitter, or whatever it’s called, and got ratio’d out of existence, it was that bad.

There were plenty of tweets that pointed out the error of his ways but here are a couple of my favorites.

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