KieranTimberlake partner and research director Billie Faircloth is departing from the firm

KieranTimberlake announced recently on social media that Billie Faircloth is departing from the award-winning Philadelphia office. Faircloth was previously one of five partners at KieranTimberlake, and was also the studio’s research director. She joined the office in 2008 after her assistant professorship at the University of Texas at Austin, which began in 2001.

Faircloth was instrumental in the firm’s research department and worked on a number of projects focused on carbon reduction and sustainable design strategies. Among these is Tally, a life cycle analysis tool—from the firm’s affiliate company KT Innovations, Autodesk and Sphera,—that integrates with Revit so that carbon calculations can be a part of the design process from step one.

In a statement shared on LinkedIn, KieranTimberlake stated:

It is with mixed emotions that KieranTimberlake and Billie Faircloth, FAIA, announce her departure from the firm after 15 years as Research Director and Partner. Although bittersweet, we are deeply proud and grateful for the work we’ve accomplished together.

Billie brought discipline, focus, and leadership to our research effort and has been directly involved with many of our most important accomplishments in research and design: Tally™, ROAST®, Cellophane House ™, and SmartWrap™, in addition to countless carbon reduction, sustainable, and environmentally ethical initiatives that the firm has explored, shared widely, and incorporated into our work.

Billie will continue to pursue solutions for the endemic, global problems we’ve been working to resolve as an industry since the founding of the firm in 1984. Our design and research work continues, and we look forward to new outcomes and the accomplishments Billie will enjoy as she defines her path forward – a path of inquiry that will see our collaboration continue well into the future.

Faircloth hasn’t made public what her future plans are.

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