Kirk Cameron Worries About 'Threatenings' From Drag Queens

Former child actor and right wingnut Kirk Cameron is very concerned that he be able to commandeer public libraries and bar drag queens from his readings of “books of virtue” to the little darlings deployed in the Great Drag Queen Culture War of 2023, intended to fire up all those good Christian soldiers to re-elect a twice-indicted sexual abuser in 2024.

Cameron told accused felon (and pardoned felon) Steve Bannon that he and his Christian soldiers were taking over public libraries to read “wholesome” books to children. Presumably tales about Daniel in the lion’s den and the like.

But Cameron is not happy about the resistance he’s getting. “And the American Library Association has been diligent in trying to sabotage these efforts and deny access to families of faith who want to read books of virtue to their children,” he lamented. Gee, Kirk, maybe because public libraries aren’t big bastions of fundamental Christian thought, preferring instead to let children explore and learn from books.

And then there are the pesky drag queens. That’s what’s really chuffing Kirk.

We’re also getting threatenings from drag queens saying they’re going to show up at these wholesome family readings and read books to children and do performances in front of the libraries,” Kirk complained. “New drag shows are popping up at the same cities at the same time to divert people away.”

Yes, parents who take their kids to the library for book readings will certainly be rushing to “new drag shows” instead of letting their kids hear “books of virtue.” And “threatenings? Really?? Does Kirk think these drag queens are going to commandeer story hour? What a clown.

This is so ridiculous. I have no problem with Cameron using his celebrity to read books to kids anywhere he’s allowed to do it. But let’s not pretend it’s a binary choice between Drag Queen Story Hour and Books of Heroism and Murder in the Bible. In between those two things there is lots of space for other interesting books.

This absurd culture war is stupid and endangers people who are already at risk. It’s just a way to other the LGBTQ+ community and set us against one another.

(h/t Raw Story)

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