Klan Mom Marge Issues Ultimatum: 'You Will Get On Board With MAGA'

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) doubled down on Tuesday after saying the America First movement would eradicate people who do not support former President Donald Trump.

“Any Republican that doesn’t completely endorse these policies, we are completely eradicating from the party,” Greene told MSNBC on Monday.

On Tuesday, the lawmaker was asked about her plan to cleanse the party.

“I have been giving the message to everyone that this Republican primary is a referendum on the Republican Party because, in 2016, voters sent the message to the Republican Party that we wanted a change,” Greene said to Real America’s Voice. “But this time around, we are very serious about it.”

“In 2016, President Trump defeated the Bush dynasty. He defeated the Clinton dynasty. And this time around, we are ending the Republican Uniparty, and we are ending the neocons.”

Greene said defeating Nikki Haley in New Hampshire would send “a strong message from Republican voters directly to the party.”

“You better get on board with America First,” she warned. “You will get on board with MAGA. You will get on board with President Trump’s agenda. And President Trump is going to be our candidate.”

“He’s going to be our president,” Greene added.

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