Lamborghini Lanzandor EV concept leaks ahead of official unveiling

“What’s clear is that customer perceptions have shifted,” said Winkelmann.

“They are aware of the legislation and interested in the technology so long as it marries sustainability with enhanced performance from what has gone before.

“That’s why [Lamborghini’s] hybridisation phase is coming first: that has been digested and accepted by the customer base. Even the majority of petrolheads say that they have accepted our vision on that. And in turn, that opens the door for a new breed of customer to look at full electrification.”

Q&A: Stephan Winkelmann, Chairman and CEO, Lamborghini

Stephan Winkelmann stood in front of a series of Lamborghinis

Does electrification open up the possibility of even more Lamborghini model lines?

“Going from a two-model company to a three-model company [with the Urus in 2018] was a huge step. The investment, in terms of money and people, is huge. We must make each step work before we look to take further ones. The new car is our next hurdle.”

Given its success, how much does the Urus protect you?

“It definitely gives us more stability. At the time, launching it felt like a real bet, but it has been a huge success and given us the space to invest in a fourth model line. If we hadn’t done it, it wouldn’t have just been our future that would be harder but also our present.”

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