Lara Trump And Fox Use An MSNBC Clip To Fundraise For Donald

Lara Trump, the daughter-in-law of Diminished Don, now co-heads the RNC. Ka-ching.

This morning Lara gave a deranged rant against the justice system and the media to Donald Trump’s Porn Star Hush Money trial, or should we say the election interference trial.

Fox and Friends host Lawrence Jones interviewed Lara as a follow-up to his disgust with an MSNBC clip covering day one of the trial. Jones made quite an act of being visibly disgusted. Really?

LAWRENCE JONES (HOST): What runs through your mind?

LARA TRUMP: Yeah, Lawrence, these people [MSNBC hosts] are so deranged, and they’re completely disconnected, obviously, from the people of this country. They only stand to exist in their own echo chambers.

Lara’s response sounds exactly like a description of Fox News every second of every day. And Trump lost in 2020 by 7,500,000 votes.

LARA TRUMP: That’s the only reason they are talking and their obsession with Donald Trump is actually preventing them from understanding that it’s not Donald Trump that’s truly on trial here. It is our very democracy.

It’s not an obsession, it’s called covering the news. Traitor Trump is the first president in history to be prosecuted for a crime while running for office. Now comes the defense of Don Snorelone.

LARA TRUMP: Because if in America we are able to just manipulate the law when convenient, if we allow violent criminals to go free and prosecute the innocent, if they are willing to thwart the will of the American people and try to remove our choice for president of the United States, then the fabric of this country is irreparably damaged.

Daddy dearest tried to overthrow the country, using a violent out-of-control mob of MAGA cultists. That is an actual attempt to destroy the fabric of US Democracy.

Now comes the pitch.

LARA TRUMP: I want to tell everybody something out there. It is not working. The people of America spoke up yesterday in support of Donald Trump to the tune of a million and a half dollars raised for his campaign.

Lawrence, the average donation was $28. So even here in the abysmal Biden economy, people are coming out and they are financially supporting this president.

By the way, if anyone wants to support DonaldJTrump dot com, GOP dot com.

Earlier in the program, Lawrence Jones claimed that Trump is a multibillionaire. So why does Trump need any contributions at all?

And those folks you just heard from there [on MSNBC] do not represent even a single person out there across this country.

Rachel Maddow routinely beats Fox News in ratings. Methinks she’s wrong again.

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