Lara Trump Predicts Surge In RNC Fundraising Now That The Grifters Are In Charge

Lara Trump bragged to Newsmax host Rob Schmidt that the RNC supposedly had their “best fundraising weekend since 2020” now that the foxes are in charge of the hen house. Just one day after reports of a “bloodbath at the RNC” with massive numbers of layoffs expected, Trump was doing damage control, pretending they’re not going to funnel all the money that ought to be going to down ballot races and paying Trump’s legal bills instead.

Trump told the right-wing host that she believed “the change in leadership at the RNC has really inspired a lot of people to give this past weekend,” and told Schmidt that she “personally received over the past 36 hours phone calls from multiple people who want to donate max out money to the RNC.”

I wonder who those donors include if that’s true, and what they’re expecting in return from Trump. Lara Trump also tried to assure the viewers that everything was going great with their operation, telling Schmidt that she “personally wrote an email this morning to send out to people all across this country asking for donations.”

Good luck with that Lara. No one has been happier about the RNC’s new leadership than the DNC, who posted this in response to the RNC’s new leadership: DNC Wishes New RNC Chair Michael Whatley and Co-Chair Lara Trump Good Luck with Penny-Saving Welcome Gift:

With Michael Whatley and Lara Trump kicking off their tenure at the cash-strapped and struggling RNC, DNC Rapid Response Director Alex Floyd released the following statement:

“It must be demoralizing walking into your first week in a new job knowing that you’re boarding a sinking ship. So, as newly elected Trump loyalists Michael Whatley and Lara Trump start as chair and co-chair of the RNC, we wanted to send them something to raise their spirits even if it doesn’t fix their abysmal fundraising numbers. Lucky for them, this piggy bank isn’t just a great tool to teach basic fiscal responsibility – it’s also plastic, so it’ll be the last thing the Republican Party has that isn’t broken past the point of repair by November.”

Go read the rest of the post for more on the “MAGA rebrand” going on at the RNC. I personally hope they use all of their money trying to keep Trump out of jail, and anyone stupid enough to donate to them gets what they deserve. As Rick Wilson correctly noted, “everything Trump touches dies.” We’re going to get a chance to watch that in real time with this one.

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