Lara Trump Promises RNC Will Be Donnie's Slush Fund

In case you have not yet heard all about it, Lord Damp Nut is trying to stack the RNC ahead of the nomination with his toadies and minions, and to that end he has pushed out Ronna ROMNEY McDaniel, like a dog (as he would say).

So what’s the plan, you ask? Vulgarmort declared that he wants to replace Ronna ROMNEY McDaniel with Election Denier, er, current North Carolina GOP chair Michael Whatley.

SUPRISE! He also want his Lara Trump (Mme. Twizzler) serving as cochair.

Why, you ask? Maybe it is because he was so found of her musical stylings?

[A] song by Lara Trump, one of the daughters-in-law of former President Donald Trump, has been met with derision on social media, with one critic calling it “bad autotuned karaoke.”

Lara Trump, a former television producer who is married to Eric Trump, dropped a cover of Tom Petty’s 1989 song “I Won’t Back Down” on September 29. Since its release, she has alleged that music streaming platforms have shadow-banned—or made the song nearly impossible to find—due to her family name.

I jest!

Maybe we should follow the money:

LARA TRUMP: If I am elected to this position, I can assure you there will not be any more $70,000—or whatever exorbitant amount of money it was—spent on flowers. Every single penny will go to the number one and the only job of the RNC. That is electing Donald J. Trump as president of the United States and saving this country.

But wait! There’s more changes afoot as Axios’ email thingie en-smartens us (is too a wurd):

A Trump campaign senior adviser, Chris LaCivita, is in line to take over a GOP operation expected to spend $1 billion — effectively merging Trump’s campaign with the RNC, and enhancing his already tight grip on the party, Axios’ Sophia Cai and Alex Thompson report.

  • Why it matters: Trump’s plan to make LaCivita the RNC’s chief operating officer, while keeping his campaign hat, will make the two entities “a distinction without a difference,” a senior Trump adviser tells Axios.

So you got that? LaCivita would still maintain his job as Trump’s co-campaign manager. In case it wasn’t clear WTF is going on here.

Among the campaign, the RNC and supporting GOP committees, the party’s 2024 spending is expected to amount to a $1 billion-plus enterprise.

Or a billion-dollar slush fund, semantics aside. And as Mme. Twizzler said above, every penny goes to her father-in-law.

The RNC is expected to take the lead in the GOP’s field operation, to make it easier for the national party to move money to state parties, insiders tell Axios.

  • LaCivita would sign off on key spending decisions, including which vendors the RNC chooses for mailings, polling and TV ads.

Vendors, you say? Like, oh, I dunno, MERDE-A-LARDO? Assorted golf resorts?


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