Lindsay Graham, King Clownfish, Puts Ukraine In Danger

Lindsey Graham has secrets. You’re certainly hiding something when you go from being a barnacle attached to the hip of the late John McCain, and saying things like this about Donald Trump…

“Donald Trump is not a conservative Republican. He’s an opportunist. He’s not fit to be President of the United States.” –
@LindseyGrahamSC, Feb 17, 2016

…to then becoming a staunch Trump defender so obsequious it’s actually repulsive to watch. He completed his journey this past week when the two issues he hasn’t shut up about his entire career–immigration reform and aggressively challenging our enemies internationally–were tossed aside at the behest of the orange treason-blob and he voted botho against the immigration bill he helped craft and then against aid for Ukraine.

There are lots of theories as to what’s wrong with poor ole Linds, and in this video Cliff Schecter discusses them with a combination of hilarious mockery and flat-out disdain. Cliff explains Lindsey’s role in our ecosystem as a Clownfish to Donald Trump’s Sea Anemone, feeding off undigested meat (like a big problem for Mr. Well Done Steak w ketchup) and…nutrients in fecal matter. We’ll just leave that one there.

Watch Cliff’s video on how the once hawkish Graham has imperiled Ukraine w/ his flaccidity, and what the reasoning behind it may be. And then subscribe to his channel for more content like this!

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