Lindsey Graham Turns On Trump In Shocking Move

Lindsey Graham is a simple creature, or so we thought. A clownfish in need of a sea anemone to rely upon for nourishment from matter. He had John McCain, but once McCain was gone, he attached himself to Trump, an ample provider of nourishment w/ his high cholesterol diet.

In any case, after Lindsey prostrated himself before Trump on the issues that mattered most to him–immigration and foreign policy–it was kind of shocking that Graham challenged Trump this week on the issue of abortion. Trump wants to pretend the GOP is moderate (won’t work), Lindsay just wants to fly their freak flag and pass a national ban.

But the key is that Graham stood up to Trump and even pissed Trump off to the point where he attacked him. So what gives? Who got to Lindsey? Evangelicals? Never-Trumpers? Did he actually have a moment where he decided to act on a belief?(Nahhh.)

Cliff Schecter discusses it in this hilarious viral video. Watch it! And subscribe to Cliff’s channel for more content like this!

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