Live mishap: crypto YouTuber accidentally displays private keys, loses $60k

A distressing incident occurred during a live webcast by Fraternidade Crypto, a YouTuber from Sao Paulo, Brazil, on Aug. 30.

The content creator accidentally disclosed his coins’ private keys. Recognizing the error, he promptly ended the stream and rushed to check his wallets. However, by then, the damage had been done.

According to PolygonScan data, an unknown individual had illegally withdrawn 86,399 MATIC (worth roughly $60,000).

Shortly after, and visibly shaken, the streamer reappeared on a different livestream, appealing to his audience for assistance in reclaiming funds.

He also quickly involved law enforcement and submitted a police report.

Unexpectedly, further adding complexity to the story, a user named “Ivan” contacted him via Discord and refunded $50,000.

However, this has some users questioning the credibility of the incident.

In response, Fraternidade Crypto asked, “why would I make up such an experience?”

The YouTuber also opted not to disclose the individual’s identity, saying that there was no need to harm someone who had ultimately chosen to rectify their actions.

The story is still unfolding as Fraternidade Crypto seeks to retrieve the remaining $10,000.

Following the incident, there have been several unsuccessful attempts to access his account.

However, unfazed, Fraternidade Crypto has decided not to pull down these episodes.

He aims for the content to stand as a warning, emphasizing the crucial need for robust security measures to safeguard private cryptographic keys.

“Let this video serve as a warning to everyone. I will leave it here because I already lost. It will change nothing”

Fraternidade Crypto

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