LOL: Comer's 'Credible Witness' Was Just Indicted As A Chinese Spy

Republicans have been promising that they are close to showing evidence of President Biden’s “corruption” for months now, but we’ve seen absolutely nothing. Rep. James Comer, Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, keeps throwing catnip out there for conservatives. The problem is that he has zero witnesses and zero pieces of evidence. It’s just political theater to distract the Rubes from the investigations into former President Donald Trump’s (alleged!) crimes.

The missing Hunter Biden witness, whom Republicans vowed was a credible witness for a while, was just charged on Monday by the Department of Justice with being a Chinese spy.

In the video clip from the previous day, Rep. James Comer said MSNBC should feel like “fools” now for doubting his fake spy’s credibility.

“No, he’s [the indicted spy] very credible, and the people on MSNBC who made fun of me when I said we had an informant that was missing, they should feel like fools right now,” Comer said.

“And this is their worst nightmare because, again, this is a credible witness that the FBI flew all the way to Brussels to interview and sent several agents to interview,” the dumbfuck added.

The Independent reports:

A “whistleblower” who has repeatedly accused the Bidens of corruption has been charged by the Justice Department with arms trafficking, acting as a foreign agent for China, and violating Iran sanctions.

Gal Luft, who is a citizen of both the United States and Israel, is accused of paying a former adviser to Donald Trump on behalf of principals in China in 2016 without registering as a foreign agent.

Prosecutors say that Mr. Luft pushed the former government employee, who is not named, to push policies that were favorable to China.

Comer sure showed us, huh?

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