LTC, SOL maintain market equilibrium while investors pursue MEDA 

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Litecoin shows strong adoption with 5 million long-term holders, Solana sees a 332% surge in DEX volume, and Milei Moneda gains momentum in its presale.

In recent weeks, the cryptocurrency market has exhibited stability as top coins Litecoin (LTC) and Solana (SOL) maintain their steadiness, attracting investors’ attention. Amid these developments, the new defi project Milei Moneda (MEDA) emerges, gaining momentum in its presale.

Litecoin shines as long-term holders accumulate

Litecoin recently crossed a significant threshold with over five million long-term holders, representing an impressive 62.5% of all LTC addresses with a balance. This milestone shows LTC’s growing adoption and long-term potential.

Reports show that an impressive 67% of LTC addresses are currently in profit. These addresses, totaling 5.43 million, collectively hold a substantial balance of 49.76 million LTC.

The surge in long-term holders signals an optimistic trend for LTC, with the altcoin price trading in green in the last 30 days. This trend shows a strong preference for holding LTC for extended periods, reflecting investor confidence in the coin’s future prospects.

Solana is back in the green

During the first week of April, data from on-chain analytics firm Messari highlighted a significant 332% surge in Solana’s average daily spot Decentralized Exchange (DEX) volume over the last quarter. This surge, largely driven by meme coin trading, injected renewed momentum into Solana and strengthened its momentum.

The altcoin has been quite volatile in recent months and has been largely influenced by the broader market downturn. However, with its pump in DEX volume, SOL has since gained traction, maintaining a positive trading mark. 

Looking ahead, market analysts are optimistic about SOL’s future due to the surge in its DEX trading volume. Price projections suggest an incoming rally in the coming weeks. 

Milei Moneda presale booms 

As recent developments show a positive trajectory for top altcoins Litecoin and Solana, the crypto market is also witnessing the buzzing potential of a new defi project – Milei Moneda.

MEDA is swiftly gaining momentum and competing for the top spot among renowned meme coins. What sets this emerging token apart is its deflationary model and unique feature of eliminating the requirement for holders and token teams to pay taxes. These features add to the bullish appeal of MEDA. 

Currently, in its presale phase, Milei Moneda is already showing promising growth. For instance, during Stage 1, MEDA was priced at $0.010 per token. Now, in Stage 2, the price has risen to $0.0125, with expectations to reach $0.020 before its Uniswap launch date scheduled for May 21. This will offer a 60% ROI for investors that buy now. 

As Milei Moneda continues to gather momentum, it remains one of the altcoins to watch. Market analysts are notably bullish on the meme coin, with price projections indicating a potential 100x increase in price. This has solidified MEDA’s place on the defi crypto list of tokens to avoid missing out on in 2024. 

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