Lyin' George Santos Says He Wants To 'Give Back' To Society

Long Island Fabulist Rep. George Santos is in a lot of hot water after Republicans decided to hold him accountable for his lies and theft. Of course, Republicans only held George responsible for his actions after they secured the votes they needed in the House.

The House Ethics report on Santos’s life as a grifter was scathing.

“Representative Santos was frequently in debt, had an abysmal credit score, and relied on an ever-growing wallet of high-interest credit cards to fund his luxury spending habits. He occasionally deposited large amounts of cash that he has never accounted for, moved money between his various bank accounts in a highly suspicious manner, and made over $240,000 cash withdrawals for unknown purposes,” the report found.

The probe also concluded there was “a pattern of campaign committee expenditures for travel and other personal services that may not have represented legitimate and verifiable campaign expenditures.

You would think that if you were George, you’d want to hide, never to be seen again, but a narcissist needs his supply even if he was busted for spending campaign money on Botox, Ferragamo, and OnlyFans.

“During the holidays I get emotional,” he wrote on Xitter. I miss my family being together around the dinner table to celebrate the festivities with our loved ones.

“As we get older we brake off and start our own tradition leading us in separate directions,” he continued. “This year I’ve decided I want to give back and go serve the less fortunate and show them there is still love in the world.”

“We have allowed to much to divide us as a nation, let’s overcome that by finding more ways to unite us,” he added with the hashtag #UnityForHumanity.

Twitter users jumped in:

He cannot form a sentence, but somehow, this big dummy swindled innocent people for years? Santos was even charged with theft in Pennsylvania’s Amish Country in 2017 after a series of bad checks were written in his name to dog breeders. He stole puppies. Puppies! Get the fuck out of here with his “give back” to society bullshit.

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