MAGA Lawyers And Elections Don't Mix Well

There’s something about MAGA lawyers and elections that causes them not to mix well. Not just the high profile cases, like Rudy Giuliani or Sidney Powell or the rest of them in Georgia. But even the local lawyers, who happen to love themselves some Orange Shitgibbon, can’t handle voting and elections without screwing it up:

James Saunders, the 56-year-old Shaker Heights tax attorney convicted last week of voting multiple times in the last two general elections, was sentenced to three years in prison, a judge decided Monday morning.

Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Judge Andrew Santoli coupled Saunders’ sentence with a $10,000 fine, a punishment, as Santoli detailed in last week’s hearing, to match the severe violation against the nation’s voting laws.

“You violated the premise that every citizen, regardless of race, creed or religion, speaks in one voice,” Santoli told Saunders from the bench last Monday. “Your opinion does not outweigh other citizens.”

Per the report, Saunders, who lived in Ohio, would then travel down to his second home in Florida and vote in a couple of different counties. (Maybe if DerSatantist wasn’t so busy getting beat up by a cartoon mouse or eating pudding by the handful, he could have caught that.)

If the Republicans were serious about election integrity, they would ban themselves from voting.

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